The Power of the Poo


Ok, so this isn’t exactly the most exciting subject to bring up so let me be brief.

YOU need to poo every day, preferably a few times a day, however everyone is different.

Lets get to the nitty gritty, when food enters our mouth it will eventually get broken down and digested. Our body will use what it needs and will get rid of the unwanted waste.

Pooing is great as it is cleaning out the body and getting rid of toxins.

What happens if you hold on to your poo for long periods of time? Toxins will build up in the body which can cause:

Bad skin/acne

Bad breath



Stomach cramps

Bad wind

If this is the case for you then you will need to look into your digestive process and make changes:

Ways to help are:


Drinking lots of fluid daily

Consuming foods high in fibre

Hope this helps and let the poo be with you!

Copyright Angela Kenny 2015

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