I like to look at health in a holistic manner and wanting to share with you ideas, facts and inspirational tips to help you live a healthy and happy lifestyle.


The lemon has so many benefits its hard to list them all but if you start your day with a drink of lemon with warm water this is what you will gain: 


Helps to alkalinise your body. Did you know that many diseases cannot flourish in alkaline conditions? 


Great for the digestive system;


Helps with weight loss by keeping you hydrated and boosting your metabolism;


Fights those nasty infections like the common cold; 


Strengthens your immune system; 


Loaded with Vitamin C which as well as helping with all of the above gives your skin a healthy glow; 


It is loaded with potassium which is great for your heart, muscles, nerves and kidneys. 



Cauliflower makes the most fantastic substitute for rice.  Not only is it quick and easy to make but it is also full of nutritional benefits.