Are you looking for exercise guidance online, or a personal trainer in the Auckland area? My mate Zoe knows her stuff!

Zoe is a Certified personal trainer, runs regular indoor and outdoor bootcamps aswell as group fitness classes including pump, spin, abs n glutes and xtrain.


Zoe has a passion for the health in the fitness industry and helping people work toward and achieving their goals. Her main focus is weight loss and strength training, after having 2 children she understands the battle of putting on and losing weight.


Her personal experience has increased her passion and enjoyment toward helping others with similar goals that she has struggled with in the past.


She has had success with clients becoming stronger, significant weightloss aswell as improvement in measurements and fitness.


"There is nothing more satisfying than helping people towards their personal goals that are very important to them and watching them succeed then creating new goals. I feel honored to join them on their special journey"

In order to maintain a healthy body you must incorporate exercise into your daily routine.  I am not talking about spending hours exercising but doing at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.


Here I will be sharing my most effective exercise tips to help you on your way, along with a few videos to watch and follow for inspiration!


If you have a busy day and can only spare a few minutes then skipping is a great way to get your pulse racing.



Do this set twice:). 


Single bounce 1 minute

Break for 30 seconds

Double bounce 1 minute

Break for 30 seconds