My name is Angela Kenny, I am a health coach and available to help guide you towards a healthy way of living.


Life can get so busy, especially if you have a family and working crazy hours!  We 

unfortunately tend to neglect ourselves from time to time but I believe our 

HEALTH is without a doubt the most important thing at the top of the list to tick 

off.  We can’t look after our family if we are sick.  


This is where I step in.  I want to educate you on the benefits of healthy and  

energizing foods.  I have also created quick nutritional meals for you to enjoy.  

Cooking doesn’t have to be daunting.  I have never been much of a cook as always 

too busy to spend my evenings in the kitchen, but now that I have discovered you 

don’t need 20 ingredients to create a healthy dish there is no excuse but to eat 

well.  I will show you how this is possible.


To be truly happy we need to look at things in a holistic manner, so not just 

about what we eat but how we view life.  Exercise is crucial as well as having 

dreams you can work towards and time out for just YOU!  Find something you 

are passionate about and give it a go.  


I believe change is incredible.  Us as humans don’t seem to like change as its 

scary and what if we are not happy with the change and want to go back but cant.  

Well that is the little devil on your shoulder stopping you from constantly growing.  THE ONLY WAY YOU GROW IS BY CHANGE SO MAKE ONE CHANGE TODAY!  


My philosophy is if I am unhappy about something then fix it, if it can’t be fixed  

then move on.  It really is as simple as that.  We seem to make life harder than it 

needs to be.


I want to thank you for visiting my website and please keep coming back as I will 

be adding new, interesting and helpful information on a regular basis.


Comments all welcome and would love to hear from you.